Ready for Ona Camps?

Ready for Ona Camps?

The synchronised swimming campus organised by the renowned Olympic sportswoman Ona Carbonell has already started with its registration fees.

The fifth edition of the Summer Camp, from 21 to 27 July, and the second edition of the Elite Camp, from 28 July to 1 August, have already opened their registrations. We invite young people to join the long-awaited Ona Carbonell campus. If you love synchronised swimming, these are your campuses, both for beginners and for competitors.

These campuses are a good opportunity for beginners as well as for future Olympic medals. If you have already lived this experience, what better than to repeat it and share it with friends, in addition, we will have new surprises. If this is your first time participating, get ready to have a great time doing what you like best. It is important to know that places are limited, we have 120 places for the Summer Camp and 60 for the Elite Camp, so if you are interested in synchronized swimming, do not think twice.

Our campuses do not understand borders, both the Summer Camp and the Elite Camp, are characterized because we welcome boys and girls from all over the world and we use English and Spanish as the vehicular languages of this structure. A great way to learn languages, sharing your passion with people from other countries.

The Summer Camp is an international campus that offers different levels of synchronized. From a basic level to a higher level leaving for the Elite Camp the superior level of technical improvement. The activities will be varied focused on leisure and the world of synchronized swimming, in short, having fun practicing the sport they like best. Participation is open to everyone, although we recommend a minimum level of synchronized swimming. In addition, Ona Carbonell is accompanied by some of the best trainers of synchronized swimming, many of them national teammates in different stages or international competitors.

The Elite Camp, is a more demanding and competitive international campus that is designed for high level swimmers who want to continue to progress in the knowledge and personal development of the sport of synchronized swimming. Small groups for greater individualization and improvement of technique and movements in the pool. The activities of the Elite Camp will be varied and all of them focused on perfecting the technique to be the best synchronized swimming athlete. As a general criterion, only swimmers who can prove that they have competed at a national level will be able to register. In addition, we have an exceptional technical team and the collaboration of two great synchronized swimming athletes.

Do you want to live a summer to remember, share with other colleagues this experience and your passion, with the best staff? Don’t think twice, places are limited.

If you want to keep up to date with what we will do in Ona Camps, we encourage you to follow our official Instagram account.

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