Staff #SummerCamp Ona Carbonell

Staff #SummerCamp Ona Carbonell


The members of the #SummerCamp Technical Staff who work colze a colze with Ona Carbonell and Laura Maldonado because all the participants of #SummerCamp is fun learning synchronized swimming.



Actual integrant de l’equip espanyol de natació sincronitzada. In the London 2012 Olympic Games, in the duet mode, with Andrea Fuentes, he won the silver medal and in the team mode, he won the bronze. A total of 20 medals in World Championships.


Participated in 6 World Championships and 12 International Championships representing Spain. With more medals obtained in Europe or worldwide and 2 years training with the team of Ana Tarrés together with Ona Carbonell. Licensed in CAFE.



Superior Trainer of Artistic Swimming. Superior technician in Sports Nutrition, diet and dietotherapy, nutritional and sports coach and physical trainer. She was a swimmer in the Real Canoe N.C with a scholarship at the Centro de Tecnificación de Madrid (IMDER). She was a member of the national children’s team in 2006 to take part in the COMEN Cup (gold medal). Coach for 4 years at Club Natación Ibiza. At the moment she is trainer of the categories Junior and Absolute of the Real Canoe.
Master swimmer and fourth of the world in duo, in the Master Championship of 2017 celebrated in Budapest. Coach at two RFEN camps.



After 13 years nedant for the A.D. Sincro Retiro, you will decide to do a master’s degree in high performance sport (COE). Thanks to his studies as a physiotherapist we can learn more about stretching and poaching those muscles most involved in artistic swimming. After many successes as a young woman with a great curriculum of medals, she has continued to achieve great results as a trainer. Like all our coaches she has passed through all categories. She has worked on more than three different campuses, including that of the Spanish Federation. Currently, she is the absolute junior for her club in Madrid. Thanks to its constancy and surpassing, it is accepted wherever it is proposed.

Maria Gallego


Swimmer and coach of Madrid, who after being 7 times champion of Spain of which one individually. She decided to get into the world of referees. Maria will talk to us about technique and will help us with tricks to correct those weak points. She currently works in school and club and has been responsible for a Campus held in Madrid for school girls.



She is currently working with the Madrid Swimming Federation. She has been one of the star swimmers of the A.D. Sincro Retiro. She has numerous medals after representing Spain at both the COMEN and Junior levels. Her specialty is the category alevín and with her we will be able to enjoy some hard classes of flexibility and sauce.

Maria Garcia


Swimmer of the A.D Sincro Retiro, twice champion of Spain senior-absolute. She is currently an absolute swimmer for this club and did not hesitate to repeat with us after last year’s experience. She has worked at school level with all categories.



Finishing the degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport and the Master in High Performance Sport. He is a territorial judge of Artistic Swimming. She has finished her career as a swimmer for the Somontano club in Huesca, and after a few years there as a trainer decided to leave it despite posing in front of the Alcarreño sports club in Guadalajara. She is in charge of all categories and is leaving the club for the top. She has been in charge of modifying our regulations thanks to her experience as a rhythmic gymnastics trainer. She will fill us up with her acrobatics and physical preparation out of the water.



After finishing her career as a swimmer in Madrid she works for a school with all categories. She has been responsible for other Artistic Swimming Campuses and thanks to her experience in Italy she will be able to translate those swimmers who come from outside. She will teach us part of the physical preparation in and out of the water.



Carlota is one of the coaches who was already with us last year at the Campus. She comes from one of the most powerful clubs in Madrid and currently works for the A.D Sincro Retiro Alevin team. His positivity sweeps wherever he goes. She has a command of both English and Italian that will help the relationship between international girls.



Sister of Berta Ferreras is not far from the successes achieved in National Championships. She is a swimmer of the Club Natación Kallipolis in the modalities of sun, duo and team. She repeats again on campus and her weakness and passion are the little girls. She knows how to make the most of this demanding category.


Swimmer of the club Alcarreño of Guadalajara. She won the first prize for teams at this year’s Barbastre Open. She is a member of the Compañía de Danza Enredados with several national awards. She will be in charge of the Ballet part that is very important for our sport.

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