Transport to don’t miss the Ona Camps

Transport to don’t miss the Ona Camps

This year there is no problem if you don’t come by car, whether you arrive by train or plane, we can pick you up. We want to make things easy for you, that’s why we offer you the possibility to pick up the participants, on the arrival and at the end of the campus.

This option is for both Summer Camp and Elit Camp participants. It is important to know that the round-trip service has a cost of 50€, if you are only interested in one trip the cost of it it’s 30€. It must be specified on the registration form, in case it has not been specified, please contact us.

The transfer option will be from Sants station and El Prat airport, both T1 and T2 to the Ona Carbonell Camp residence. In addition, we inform you that throughout the day there will be a person of the organization at the station and at the airport, so that the participants of the Camp are escorted  all the time.

The days on which we offer this transport are 21st and 27th July for the Summer Camp and 28th July and 1st August for the Elit Camp. You can consult the shifts and timetables of the routes in the section of frequently asked questions.

If you want to be up to date with everything we do at the Ona Camps, we encourage you to follow our official Instagram account.

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