Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

In this document we will solve all the frequent asked questions and the basic operation of Ona’s Camps, but for any question or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us.

- Dates: From July 28 to August 3 2024
- Arrival: 28/07 between 12:30h to 13:15h
Meeting and welcome families: 28/07 at 13:30h
Location: Casa de colònies El Collell (Crta de Sant Miquel de Campmajor al Torn, 17850 Sant Ferriol, Girona)
Dates: From July 28 to August 3 2024
Arrival: 28/07 between 12:30h to 13:15h
– Meeting and welcome families: 28/07 at 13:30h
– Location: Casa de colònies El Collell (Crta de Sant Miquel de Campmajor al Torn, 17850 Sant Ferriol, Girona)

What is the difference between “Summer Camp” and the “Elite Camp”?

The Summer Camp is an international camp that has different levels of artistic swimming. From a basic to a higher level, leaving the upper level dedicated to technical improvement for the Elite Camp. The activities will be diverse focused on leisure and to the sport that we love, the artistic swimming.

The Elite Camp is an international camp that is designed for high-level swimmers who want to continue progressing in the knowledge and personal development of the sport of artistic swimming. The activities of Ona Carbonell Elite Camp will be varied and all of them focused on technical improvement and skills to reach the next level as an athlete. The activities range from advanced technique, improvisation and body expression, sports psychology, dance, stretching and injury prevention, routine evaluation and more.

Registration conditions

Summer Camp: Participation is open for everyone, although we recommend having a minimum level of artistic swimming.

Elite Camp:  Only swimmers who can demonstrate that they have the national level can register.

Group distribution & conditions

The distribution of the different groups of each Camp will be according of the Staff technical criteria. A technical test will be held on the first day of the campus and groups will be distributed according to level.

How many hours a day of water training will they have?

Summer Camp: Approximately 3 to 4 hours a day.
Elite Camp: Approximately 4 to 5 hours a day.

When will Ona Carbonell be with my daughter / son?

Summer Camp: Ona will participate actively during the development of the Summer Camp by attending a minimum of 3 days of the Summer Camp where she will be with all the participants of the Camp (susceptible to changes due to force majeure).

Elite Camp: Ona will participate directly in this Camp and will follow the daily life of all the participants with a very personalized attention (susceptible to changes due to force majeure).

Guys can participate?

Both the Summer Camp and the Elite Camp are open to boys and girls, we encourage them to participate in both of Ona Carbonell Camps!


All participants will be given a oficial swimsuit of Ona Carbonell Camp.

What to wear for the camp?

We attach the list of material that we recommend to bring. Items list »

In case of emergency, how can we contact the person responsible for the Camp?

You can contact the Camp Responsable through the mail: .

Other contacts of interest:

– El Collell: 972 574 060
– Andrea Tapia: +34 628 77 35 58

Arrival / departure of the Camps

Arrival Instructions

The entrance of the #ISDINCampusOnaCarbonell will take place at El Collell, Girona, 30 minutes before the beginning of the Camp.

The presentation will be the first day of the Camp. We will confirm the time a few weeks before the start.

The organization of the Camps will not be responsible for the participants who arrive before, or after opening doors.

The parent / legal guardian will inform the reception his arrival and will be picked up by a monitor who will accompany you to your group. For the proper functioning and organization, we ask your proper cooperation. In addition, the time of entry is ideal to discuss with the monitors any aspect related to the participant.

Departures instructions 

The departure will be made by the same facilities where the Camps are held: Casa de colonias El Collell, Girona.

In order to provide a quality service, security and better organization, no participant may leave alone or be picked up by any person who is not writing authorized (exit/pick up authorization sheet). The Reception Center will provide this document. If there is any particular and exceptional situation regarding the participant pickup, we ask to be please notified in a writing, authorizing the person(s) who will pick up the participant. Participants who have to leave before the end of the Camp must bring an authorization signed by the parent / legal guardian and give it to their monitor as first thing in the morning. In these cases, participants will be picked up in the reception of the center. For better organization and operation, we ask that these cases be exceptional.

I have lost something, what do I do?

All lost items will be collected daily and stored. They will be at your disposal on the last day of the Camp. If there is a name and surname, it will facilitate its recognition.


The entire monitors team of the Camp is actively engaged in the field of education and sports. Safety, responsibility and professionalism are the basic and common attitudes in the entire team of monitors of the Camp; in addition to dynamism, adequate academic experience and training: Bachelor in CAFD (Sciences in Physical Activity and Sports), Diplomas in Physical and Childhood Education, Technicians in Physical and Sports Animation, Leisure monitor, Aquatic Technicians, specialist trainers and more.

Activity planning

All the activities and sessions of the camp are directed, planned and written weeks before by our monitors. This programming makes the level of quality, fun and safety the seal of quality of the Camps.

Aquatic activities

These activities are carried out by coaches with a lot of experience in the world of artistic swimming, together with the monitor of the groups and support monitors. All groups will daily perform aquatic activities in indoor and/or outdoor pool and 100% guided and directed by our team of aquatic specialists. The safety and quality of this activity is a reference for us. If you have any doubts or comments, do not hesitate to contact us or the monitor.

How can I keep up for daily news related to Ona Camps?

– Follow Ona Camps daily news. All news »

– Follow us on Instagram.

– You will have daily the photographic summary of the Camp (private link will be sent to the parents or legal monitor by mail).

– During the camps a Newsletter will be sent with the summary of activities + photos.

Can parents, family members or friends enter?

The companions of the participants of the Ona Carbonell Camps should avoid entering the facilities so that there won’t be any disturb at the schedule and activities of the Camp. On the day of the meeting with the parents (we will inform you soon the dates) you will be able to visit the facilities , and meet the team that will work at the Ona Carbonell Camps. On the last day of the camps there will be an artistic swimming exhibition where parents can participate.

Medical issues and food

General information and medical authorization form

All participants during the Ona Carbonell Camps will have sports and accident insurance; they must carry the health and vaccination card or the health record with the updated vaccination status data.
The organization will have the presence of medical personnel to attend to small incidents (injuries, sprains, etc.).
The Camps Directorate must be informed of any medical aspect that it deems relevant (illness, chronic pathology, disability, treatments, allergy, intolerance, injury) or that may require some special action.


In case the participant has to take medication during the campus, how is it managed?

Ona Carbonell Camps will provide an authorization sheet to take medications. The guardian must sign it and specify the dose and the time at which it should be taken. On the first day of the Camp the medication must be provided to the principal, who will guard it and supply it following the instructions on the medication authorization sheet. Contact us and we will send the corresponding authorization sheet.

Can they take medication because they usually have a headache, stomach ache, etc.?

Under no circumstances may participants carry medication in their backpack. If the participant needs to take medication at a specific time, it is necessary that the principal has the signed authorization sheet to take medication, and also has it, which will be returned on the last day of the camp. If we do not have this signed sheet and the participant becomes ill, we will take the participant to the doctor. Contact us and we will send you the corresponding authorization sheet.

How do you act if my son or daughter gets ill at the Camp?

We will take the participant to the doctor and call the parents or guardians to inform them of the situation. Once the participant has been treated, we will inform the doctor’s report and, if we have been prescribed a medication, we let you know what it is. From this moment, we will follow the doctor’s instructions, only if the parents or guardians do not have any inconvenience.


The diet is designed for participants who are going to develop sports activities thinking about the nutritional recommendations transmitted by the Health Department of the “Generalitat de Catalunya”. In this way, a complete and balanced weekly menu has been designed, this will allow participants perform all the sports activities that we have prepared for them.

Those participants who have any food peculiarity (gluten allergy, etc.) must communicate in writing at least one week before the start of the Ona Carbonell Camps.

We have with prior notice, special menus: astringent diet, soft diet, low calorie, diabetic, celiac, intolerant … In these cases, it is necessary to explicitly inform in the medical section of the registration form, what foods the registered participants can NOT take.

Transfer service

General information and authorization form

From the organization, if required, the transfer service is offered from Barcelona Sants station or Prat Airport (round trip) to the holiday camp El Collell, Girona, where the Camp Ona Carbonell will take place.

Throughout the day there will be a person from the organization at the Sants station and at the airport, so the participants of the Camp will be accompanied at all times.

The transfer service must be informed on the registration form. In case you did not specify it, please contact us.


What I can do? What should I not do?

Is it necessary to come the day of the presentation of the Camp?

Yes, because apart from the presentation of the Camp, the participants will do the first training to define the training groups for the rest of the Camp (which will be modified as the Camp progresses).

Can friends or family sleep in the same room?

Yes, provided that the director of the Camp does not find any inconvenience and that there is availability of beds in the places assigned to the Camp.

Can I bring mobile phones, music players, or other electronic devices?

We understand that all these devices do not promote coexistence with peers and make it difficult for the participant to feel part of a group. Therefore, the use of mobile phones or other devices will be limited to certain periods during Camp days.

Can the participants of the Ona Carbonell Camps carry money?

Money can be a source of conflict, so we recommend that you do not take it. In case of carrying, the organization will not be able to assume this responsibility.

Payment of registrations

How will I know if I have a place?

Once the registration form on the website has been sent, the place is already pre-reserved. Registration and reservation will be effective once validated and the initial payment has been made.


– You must pay, as a first payment, 465€ to reserve the place. The place will not be reserved until the initial payment is made.
– The second payment, 300€, must be paid before June 15. In the cases that are necessary, the payment of the transport cost will also be added (this second payment will be the final validation).
– Account number: ES54 0061 0196 0501 1936 0115.
– Indicate in the concept the name and surname of the boy / girl.

* Transport: in the cases that are necessary, the payment of the transport cost will be made in the second payment. Transportation is from the Barcelona Sants station or El Prat Airport (round trip) to the Summer or Elite Camp Ona Carbonell residence.

How will I know if the transfer has been effective?

Once the pre-registration request has been received and the indicated amount has been paid, the organization sends an email confirming the reservation of the place.

Do I have to send proof of income or transfer?

It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.


Discounts apply in the following cases:
– Special price for those registered in the 2023 edition.
– 5% discount from the 2nd enrolled sibling.


The reservation can be canceled up to two month before the start of the campus by electronic notification. The total of the first payment will be refunded except € 50 for management costs. From this date, the amount of the reservation will not be refunded under any circumstances.

For any other question, do not hesitate to contact us.