Summer Camp registration

Summer Camp Ona Carbonell



Before filling out the pre-registration form, please read the following instructions carefully:

Step 1 – Size Taymory swimsuit
All those registered will receive a Taymory swimsuit (leading brand in the sector).
Important: you need to specify sizing according to Taymory
Indications swimsuits girl »
Indications swimsuits woman »

Step 2 – Pre-registration form
Fill in all the fields in the form.
Once the form has been sent, the place is already pre-booked
– The place will not be reserved until the initial payment (50% total amount)

Step 3 – Pay 50% of the total amount
Grant 50% of the total amount to reserve the place: 337.50€ (675€/2)
– Account number: ES88 0216 0251 5606 0069 3467
– Indicate in the concept the name and surname of the boy / girl.
* Transport: in the cases that are necessary, the payment of the cost of the transport will be made in the second payment (transport from the station of Barcelona Sants or Airport of the Prat (round trip) to the residence of the Summer Camp Wave Carbonell)

Step 4 – Email confirmation
Once the application for pre-registration has been received and the payment of 50% of the total amount has been made, the organization will send you an email confirming the reservation of your place.

Step 5 – Second payment
To make the second payment, you will receive an email to the e-mail that you provide us with the amount (the remaining 50%) that must be paid before June 30 (in the cases that are necessary, also will be added payment of the cost of transport.
(This second payment will be the final validation of the registration).

– The place will not be reserved until the initial payment (50% total amount)
– You can check all the payment terms in our FAQ section


Registration data

School / Organisation / Sport Club Name and last names of the enrolled person Year of birth Picture of the enrolled person

General information

Birthplace Date of birth (desplay calendar and select a date) Health card number

Name and last name of the father DNI/NIF
Name and last name of the mother ID number


Núm. Piso Puerta
City/Town CP
Landline number Father mobile’s number Mother mobile’s number
Other contact numbers Correo electrónico

Health information

Suffers from any chronic illness? If so, send medical report  Yes No
Is he/she allergic to any substance, element, food or medicine?  Yes No
Dizzy easily?  Yes No
Other relevant information:
Fill only if necessary:

El/La con DNI

Father/Mother/legal responsable I authorize to give the medicine with the frequency as follows:

Other information of interest

To be more careful and for security, mark the boxes if agree:

What is his/her swimming level?  High Medium Low What is his/her synchronised swimming level?  Technification Medium Beginner
Regarding aquatic environment (allergy, injury, illness ...)
What is his/her level of spanish?  High Medium Low What’s his/her leve lof english?  High Medium Low In which language does he/she speak? What is his/her height? What is his/her weight? What Taymore swimsuit size is he/she? IMPORTANT: specify size according Taymory (Tamory sizing specifications available at the begining of the application form)

prices modalities

Choose the desired modality:
A modality: Full board 675 euros
B modality: Full board and transport included 725 euros
 Modality A Modality B

What transport will you use to get to Barcelona?
 Own car Plane Train Bus Other

If it is plane or train, enter the information regarding arrival and departure to Barcelona, as well as terminals or stations.


I (name) , as (father/mother/legal responsible), authorise (child’s name) to perform the summer activities with U1ST SPORTS MARKETING, S.L.

I authorize to give all the required medical care in case of urgency if the parents are not located by phone. I authorise the following clauses related to the European Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection:

- I agree to the clauses concerning my son/daughter’s data treatment.
- I agree to the clause concerning the processing of my personal data.
- I agree to the clause concerning the publication of images.
I agree.