Diary of Summer Camp

Diary of Summer Camp

We know that it is important for the families to be up to date with the activities and to be able to see how much fun their children are having. That’s why, every day at 12:00h we will update this section with a brief daily summary and all the pictures of the activities from the Ona Camps.

Summer Camp Ona Carbonell

Day 1 – 21/07
Presentation of the Summer Camp with more than 100 parents, here we enclose it for those who could not attend it. The level tests were carried out and the technical staff divided the girls into different groups. In addition, they made several adaptation games to get to know each other and the welcome pack was distributed (Taymory swimsuit, gymsack, Isdin Pack, t-shirt, bathing cap), here you can read the news of our welcome kit. Finally, the different rooms were distributed.
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Day 2 – 22/07
In the morning the corresponding activities were carried out and after having lunch our participants gave Ona a warm welcome with a banner that put CampeOna. Afterwards, the official photographs were taken and Ona was with them in their activities in the afternoon. They carried out an Isdin workshop, where they were advised and made aware of photoprotection and the participants were able to check the reliability of the products with UV cameras. They also did a psychological workshop to control nerves and emotions before the competition by Luana Prato and Saul Alcaraz from KeyPsychology. All this in addition to their respective water sessions.
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Day 3 – 23/07
Almost at the equator of our Summer Camp and our participants haven’t stopped for a second. Like every day, the young swimmers carried out their activities with total normality. During the afternoon, we had the presence of Ona Carbonell who has visited all the groups and joined the trainings in the water to give them the best advices. In addition, we had the Pintyplus workshop where each girl could paint and personalize a photo frame. To conclude the day, we played a game called “Minut to Win” in which both participants and staff had to overcome some challenges to win, without a doubt, there were many laughs. After this, our participants went to sleep early and get some rest  for the super day that awaits them in Marineland.
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Day 4 – 24/07
Day of strong emotions. Our participants had the opportunity to go to the famous water park of Marineland where they could enjoy different shows with sea lions and dolphins. In addition, six of our girls had the opportunity to impress us doing a show with dolphins and Ona Carbonell. Throughout the day, our participants were protected from the sun and hydrated. Back at the SEK, our participants were rehearsing for our Got Talent, Ona was signing books and t-shirts and the final verdict of our Masterchef workshop was known, for which Ona brought her trophy after winning the TV show. After all of this, they went to have some rest because today we are going to visit the CN Sabadell.
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Day 5 – 25/07
Our participants visited the CN Sabadell to see the facilities and do their training. In addition, they had the opportunity to do an intensive physical exercise. 
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Day 6 – 26/07
Intense training day! Our girls were doing the last workouts before the final exhibition so that everything would be perfect. In addition, they did a makeup workshop and received a presentation from Mayo clinics. Without a doubt, the best moment came at night with our GOT TALENT where the girls prepared great performances.
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Day 7 – 27/07
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